MySQL 4.1.7 released

MySQL 4.1.7 for OS/2 is now available for public download:

See support list post for details.
If you upgrade from 3.x, please read the manual for table updates.

MySQL 4.0 for OS/2 is now ready

MySQL 4.0.18 for OS/2 has been released. New features like named pipes and Pentium III code optimization are included in the public download.

MySQL 3.23.50 build 1

The MySQL for OS/2 source base has been updated to release 3.23.50

MySQL 3.23.42 Build 3

Yuri Dario released MySQL 3.23.42 for OS/2

New MySQL release soon!

Antony T Curtis today wrote in a mailinglist that he wants to compile a new release of MySQL soon. So we can expect a brand new release of MySQL for OS/2 in the near future.

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